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The Importance of Maintaining Your Yoga Practice During the Holidays

November 13, 2019

The holidays are just around the corner, and you are finally getting the chance to get together with family and friends to celebrate. Unfortunately, the holiday spirit and celebrations may put your yoga practice at the bottom of your priorities list. The holiday rush can, in fact, be an excellent time to practice yoga. Practicing yoga in the holidays gets us centered when interacting with others, and helps provide a grounded feeling to help us to connect more deeply.

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Check out our tips here to maintain your yoga practice for the holidays.

Bring a yoga mat

It’s like your trusty yoga sidekick. Yoga mats are small and easy to pack. Your own yoga mat should be reliable and there for you even in the holidays. This will spare you from the guesswork of holiday yoga practice, and encourage you to be more consistent.

Get up early

We know how holidays go. Gatherings go on into the late-night hours and getting up early the next day may seem painful. But really, practicing yoga is at its best and easiest in the morning, before family and friends take over your schedule later in the day. You might think you have time to practice later, but something can easily come up. Don’t chance it. You know you’ll feel better even with just 15 minutes of moving your body and breathing.

Practice Savasana

This can be practice all on its own. Choose a quiet time during the day, lie down and reconnect to yourself. 5 – 10 minutes is perfect to recharge and shift your mood. If practicing yoga asana, make sure to leave time for it at the end of your practice. It is a must to maintain the balance between those rushed and sometimes stressful holiday schedules.

Adjust expectations

You may have set yourself goals for an hour-long practice or perhaps attempting a certain pose. Such expectations may lead to disappointments. Focus more on uncovering your peace instead of time or physical goals. Remember, you’re on holiday, too.  Some days you may only get a ten-minute physical practice, and some days you won’t get to your mat at all. Yoga is about staying deeply connected to yourself and others. Breathe, smile and know that by being present with your friends and loved ones, you are practicing yoga.

All prepared to take your yoga on holiday? Before you do, and to elevate your yoga practice, be sure to take lessons with our professional trainers and courses at Uptown Yoga in Dallas.

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