Clean Studios and
Safely Distanced Yoga Practice


Our yoga classes in Dallas are created to empower and inspire you on your journey to a happier, healthier way of being.

We have a group of teachers that are dedicated to ongoing study and bring a wealth of knowledge and practiced skills. Our yoga instructors create a safe space for exploration, and are able to adapt the practices to suit any individual at any skill level. They also understand how to work with the subtler aspects of the body, mind, energy and emotion.

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We make choosing the right option easy. It’s simple.

If you are practicing more than once a week, an unlimited membership will be best for you. If you are practicing just once a week, choose a 20 or 10 class package. See our rate comparison chart here.


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Our studios are clean, modern and simply decorated to create an environment conducive to relaxing.

Uncover all that is you.