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Every yoga studio is different. Please read through the class etiquette for our studios, to ensure the most pleasant experience for you and your fellow classmates.


Arrive early. Getting to class 10 minutes ahead of time allows you to settle in and start relaxing. Use the time to practice a pose, stretch, or just breathe and center yourself. We start and end class on time, and the front door is locked once class starts.

Check in when entering the studio. Let our staff know if you are new (you will need to sign a waiver) and if you have physical issues of which we need to be aware.

Stow your belongings in the cubbies in the lobby area (other than what you need for your practice). Dont worry they will be safe since the door is locked once class starts.

**No cell phones are allowed in the yoga room.

The studio itself is a quiet place for those trying to slow down and let go of their day. Please enter (and exit) as quietly as you can to respect those relaxing. The lobby is a great place to catch up with your friends. Sound can transfer through the studio doors, though. We ask that conversations be mindful of this and remain low.

Wear comfortable clothing that you can stretch in. Loose tops and shorts can become an issue when turning upside down or lifting a leg. Clothing that stays put will leave you feeling more comfortable and confident in class. For the comfort of everyone in the room, come clean and free of heavy perfumes (the yoga practice heightens all five senses, including our sense of smell).

We do highly recommend, if you are going to have a regular yoga practice, that you purchase your own mat. A mat that is familiar and used only by you feels comfortable and will be less distracting for? your practice. It is much like having your own running shoes, bicycle or baseball glove. For your convenience, high quality mats are available for rent and purchase at the studio.

The practice can be a sweaty one. For your comfort, you may like to bring to small hand towel. If you tend to sweat easily, a YogiToes towel can change your practice. These fit your mat perfectly and don’t slide around. They are available for purchase in our retail area.

Put your full intent into class, but detach yourself from the result . Always practice compassion with yourself to avoid strain or injury; no matter what your level, you will benefit from practicing your version of every pose.

It can be confusing to those around you if you are making up your own moves. The reason to come to yoga class is to put yourself in the hands of a trained professional. We will always give you options to modify (in the event of injury/low energy/ pregnancy) or advance each pose. Relax and trust in your teacher to guide you through a balanced and complete practice.

Though we do encourage you to stay for the entire practice; we also understand that, every once in a while, life may not line up exactly with your yoga schedule. Let us know if you need to leave early and please do quietly before savasana starts to ensure the least amount of disturbance. A space near the door will allow you to slip out more easily.