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We know coming to your first class or a new studio can be hard. To put you at ease and ensure a pleasurable experience for all, please read through our frequently asked questions. Our teachers are happy to answer questions before or after class, too. Just ask.


It is our introductory offer for new students residing in the DFW area. It allows you to try out the studio for 30 consecutive days, taking as many classes as you like, for only $60. This allows you to experience different teachers, different class times, different class styles, and see how you like us before making a larger investment. We recommend attending at least 4 classes in the 30 day period to feel the affects that a regular yoga practice can provide and to sample our array of offerings.

Register with us here to save time at the studio. Pick any Beginners, All Level Yoga, Deep Stretch, or Strictly Core class and arrive 10 minutes prior to the class start time. Upon arrival, inform our staff that you are new to our studio and if you’ve registered online; they will take care of you from there. We have a variety of yoga mats for purchase and rent, if you don’t have one.

Yes, studio memberships and packages, as well as introductory offers, can be used at either of our 2 locations.

See the locations page for full info; we have plenty of parking at all our studios.
Everyone feels awkward coming into a new space and trying new things. It is hard even for people who have practiced for years to go some place new. Uptown teachers pride themselves on being able to teach anything to anyone, no matter what their level. We also were once new students and didn’t know our left foot from our right hand when upside down: we want to show you how it works. We do have Beginners Classes and the Strictly Core Classes are also a gateway into open level yoga classes.
Wear something that is comfortable to stretch in and keeps you covered. You will find clothing that is snug to the body to be most comfortable throughout the practice; baggy shirts can cover your face when bending over, loose or short shorts can give your neighbors an interesting view when we hike a leg. Once you have decided you enjoy a regular yoga practice, purchasing your own mat is highly recommended. Until that time, we do have high quality mats you may borrow free of charge. Please bring your own sweat towel.
No. Bikram Yoga, or its derivatives, for example, are practiced at 105 F. Our studio averages 85 F: warm enough that your muscles can relax and stretch safely, but not so hot that you drip and slip everywhere or feel uncomfortable. Through steady movement and conscious breathing, we build internal heat to unlock the tension and stress we walk around with.
Ideally, you should not eat at least 2 -3 hours before class. Practicing yoga on an empty stomach is much more comfortable and better for your body. However, if you do need something, try something small but protein-filled like an energy bar, nuts, yogurt, or a smoothie. The studio stocks electrolyte rich drinks and small snacks that can be consumed before or after class.
You will be asked to leave all of your belongings other than what you need to practice outside the studio. To maintain the clean oasis of the room, we enter the room without shoes, cell phones, or loud voices/noises. Allow yourself to let go and to be led by experienced teaching staff.
Most questions can be answered by taking your first class. Our staff is very experienced. If you have a specific need or injury you are working with, show up early to allow time to discuss with your teacher before class. You can also email us at [email protected] for assistance. Monday- Friday, we answer within 24 hours.