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Struggling to Make it to the Studio? Check out the Benefits of Online Yoga Classes at Uptown Yoga

April 14, 2024

Seasoned yogis know that your yoga practice blossoms when you devote time to it regularly. Beginners find that they progress faster if they practice at least once per week. As obvious as that may sound, it’s not always easy to fit in a yoga class once a week or more regularly. Work and family commitments can quickly make heading to the studio difficult. That’s where online yoga classes with Uptown Yoga can help.  

Why Choose Online Yoga 

Online yoga classes have been available for a while, but they really grew in popularity during the coronavirus pandemic. With yoga studios forced to close at least temporarily, offering online classes became a lifeline for both instructors and practitioners.  

Since then, online yoga classes have remained a popular choice, and here are some of the reasons why:  


  1. Online Yoga is Convenient 

Online yoga classes are highly convenient. They start when you’re ready, you can pause them if you need a minute, and you can practice in your PJs. You can decide which style of yoga best suits your mood right before the class. Plus, you can repeat your favorite poses or have another go at an asana you’d like to practice more.  

Online yoga is an excellent option if you have an hour or so to practice but can’t make extra time to travel to and from the studio.  


  1. Online Yoga is Location Independent 

If you’re traveling for work or are in the middle of moving house, online yoga classes are perfect to help you stay connected to your practice.  

Whether you’re confined to a hotel room or have a chance to use a quiet space in a hotel gym, online yoga classes allow you to practice under the guidance of your favorite Uptown Yoga instructor. You don’t need to be within the same time zone to have access to a familiar teaching style and continue to grow your practice.  

The same is true for access to sought-after instructors who travel. Online classes let you learn from them no matter where you are.  


  1. Online Yoga Lets You Practice in Your Favorite Space 

Have you created a space for your practice at home? It’s true that you don’t really need anything other than sufficient floor space for your mat to practice yoga. However, long-term practitioners often like to create a dedicated quiet space in their homes.  

Online yoga classes give you the freedom to practice in your own space without class noises and potential disruptions whilst still having the guidance of a professional, experienced yoga instructor. Uptown Yoga’s online yoga classes are also a great option if you feel self-conscious about trying asanas in front of other people.  


  1. Online Yoga Can Be More Affordable 

Let’s be honest, we all love a great deal, and Uptown Yoga’s online yoga deals offer you some of the best value-for-money, quality yoga classes in Texas and beyond.  

From $30 a month, you can access as many recorded classes as you like, and our library is growing every week. $50 a month gives you access to all recorded classes, and you can participate in live-streaming classes every day. Think of it as going to class without having to change your shoes!   

Are Online Yoga Classes Better Than In-Person Classes? 

While online yoga classes have many advantages, there are also a few downsides compared to in-person classes. Ideally, you combine both to maximize the benefits and minimize and disadvantages.  

You don’t need to take our word for it, either. According to a survey by yoganatomy.com, respondents preferred the convenience and affordability of online yoga. At the same time, they felt they were missing out on the connection to the yoga community. The results also showed that online yoga resulted in lower mental and physical health benefits compared to in-person classes.  

Here are a few examples from our experience: during an in-person class, your instructor can correct you immediately if your alignment is not quite right and offer variations to asanas that you may be struggling with. You’ll also benefit from the shared energy of the class. Sometimes, that’s all you need to find a deeper expression of a pose or discover a new way of approaching it.  

Online classes also make it easier to give up halfway through the class or become distracted by family members or your phone ringing. That’s why we believe that combining in-person and online classes is the best approach.   

How to Get Started with Online Yoga 

First things first, if you’ve never practiced yoga before, we highly recommend starting with a few in-person classes to get you going. Having the direct supervision of an instructor will help avoid injuries and ensure that your understanding of the pose and alignment are correct.  

If you have some or a lot of experience already, then what are you waiting for? Check out our options for online yoga class memberships at Uptown Yoga and choose a class that’s right for you. Of course, our team is always happy to chat about your specific requirements or to help you pick a class that suits you best.  

Another Option for Busy People – Private Yoga Classes 

Finally, there is an option that lets you combine the benefits of online yoga with the advantages of in-person classes. Have you considered private yoga classes?  

One-on-one classes with a private instructor can be scheduled when it suits you, and we can come to your location, saving you travel time. These classes are convenient, and they can be even more tailored to your needs than an online yoga class.  

In addition, you avoid potential misunderstandings when it comes to more intricate asanas and receive immediate feedback on your alignment and other aspects of your practice.  

Want to Find Out More About Online Yoga with Uptown Yoga? 

If you think online yoga might be a good expansion of your practice, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or sign up here! We’d love to welcome you to the Uptown Yoga family, in-person and online. 

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