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Creating a Sacred Space: How to Set Up a Home Practice

March 26, 2020

As we’re all spending more time reconnecting with ourselves and our home spaces, it’s important to maintain a connection with your yoga practice. Whatever your practice looks like while you’re on your own – meditation, daily sun salutations, breathwork, vigorous asana – it’s important to create a space that facilitates peace and grounding during uncertain times. Here are a few things to keep in mind: 

Home Yoga Practice

Choose a Dedicated Place to Practice

Your practice space should be consistent and ideally reserved just for your mat. Over time you’ll associate this space with the same feeling you get rolling out your mat at the studio – a sense of release just from the knowledge that your practice is about to begin.


Mark Your Practice Space Intentionally

Whether it’s a candle, a photo, or a small altar with items that are personally significant (malas, printed mantra cards, etc.), your practice space should feel sacred and inspire connection to your yoga practice.


Make Your Yoga Practice Your Sole Focus

Minimize distractions around your practice space. If you’re streaming a class on a mobile device, set it to Do Not Disturb. Reduce background noise so that your awareness can stay in the present moment, on your breath, and on the cues of an instructor if there is one leading you virtually through your practice.

Your home practice is a powerful tool to maintain stability through an unpredictable season. Be intentional about the space you create and the environment in which you practice when you practice at home. Having familiar instructors to guide you through a home practice while away from your community will help you feel connected when you must maintain social distance. 

We’re here for you at Uptown Yoga. If you’re an existing member or class pack holder, our live streams and online class library are already available to you here. If you’re seeking guidance for your home practice but aren’t a member of the studio, we also offer an online membership on a monthly basis. Reach out to us anytime; we’d love to help you continue your yoga practice. 

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