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4 Ways to Prioritize Your Self Care

March 17, 2020

At Uptown Yoga, we don’t view “self-care” as a buzzword – it’s an intentional way of life in which your own well-being is prioritized so that you become a more positive, impactful contributor to your family and community. 

Self-Care in yoga

Self-care doesn’t always mean taking a day off work to sit on the couch or scheduling a 90-minute massage. There are ways to incorporate self-care into your daily routine – or even to step completely out of your routine to take your self-care to a different level. Here are a few ideas:

Commit to a Consistent Yoga Practice

Carve out a consistent schedule of time on your mat. This doesn’t always have to involve the breath-to-movement flow of vinyasa classes; consider incorporating a mix of different styles to serve your energy level, including more restorative yoga classes like a deep stretch. 

Get Outside

A study published by the International Journal of Environmental Health Research reported that spending just 20 minutes in a park – even if you’re not there to exercise – is enough to improve your well-being. Prioritize spending even small amounts of time outdoors, especially if your lifestyle requires you to be inside the majority of the time.

Make Sleep a Priority

It may not be possible to have a consistent bedtime, but your mind and body need uninterrupted sleep to recharge and heal. That task you’re struggling to complete late at night – would be putting it down, resting, and tackling it with fresh eyes in the morning serve you better? Most of the time, the answer is yes. 

Yoga practice for self-care

Take the Opportunity to Retreat from Daily Life

If you feel as if you don’t have time to engage in even the simplest acts of self-care, that’s a clear sign that you require self-care more than ever. A yoga retreat is a perfect balance of the elements of self-care discussed here: daily yoga practice, time in nature, and time for true rest and a few good nights of sleep. If you’ve searched for yoga retreats in Dallas, you’ve likely come across our Bali yoga retreats. Led by our studio owner, Jen Chitwood, these retreats are an immersive self-care opportunity where you can disconnect from the weight of daily life and take the time to cultivate inner peace and well-being. 

Prioritize your self-care. Visit any of our Dallas yoga studios to begin a consistent yoga practice, or take the leap and register for a Bali yoga retreat. Your mind, body, family, and community will thank you.

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