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Experiencing Hormonal Imbalance? Try These Yoga Poses

March 29, 2021

Hormonal Imbalance yoga pose

As we slowly emerge from a year that was seemingly defined by varying degrees of stress, many of us are physically reminded by our bodies that we have to return to making self-care a priority. 

For women, a side effect of stress – at almost any age – is hormonal imbalance. Hormones regulate many of our body’s processes, including our reproductive systems and metabolism. A hormonal imbalance means your body is currently producing too much (or not enough) of a certain hormone, which can have ripple effects across your physical body, your mental state, and your emotions. 

Fortunately, your yoga practice is a tool to help bring your hormones back into balance – especially during stressful times. Here are a few poses to try:

Supported Fish Pose

Experiencing hormonal imbalance can really interfere with your daily activities. Many heart-opening poses have the effect of stimulating the adrenal gland, which when functioning properly helps your body release tension and stress. Supported fish utilizes yoga blocks so that you may lay on your back passively while maintaining the shape of an open heart. 

To get into the pose, take one block lengthwise between your shoulder blades so that the bottom edge of the block lines up roughly with the tips of the blades. As you lay down on the first block, you have the option to slide the second block under the back of your head like a pillow. Relax, breathe slowly, and hold for at least three minutes.

Upward-Facing Dog

To incorporate poses that balance hormones into a movement-based practice, here’s one you probably already do: upward-facing dog. In another heart opener that stimulates the adrenal gland, upward-facing dogs can be held for several extra breaths during sun salutations to achieve better stress-relief benefits. 

Rabbit Pose

Heart openers aren’t the only poses that help relieve hormonal imbalance. Rabbit pose stimulates the parathyroid and thyroid glands, located in the neck, to support better metabolic function. 

To practice rabbit, begin in a closed-knee child’s pose and wrap your arms back so that your hands are at rest beside your feet. Draw your forehead in toward your knees, perhaps allowing them to touch if this feels good in your neck. Clasp your heels in your hands and lift your tailbone toward the sky while continuing to curl your chin toward your chest. Stay for three to five breaths.

Relieving Stress and Balanced Hormones at Uptown Yoga

At Uptown Yoga, we offer a variety of class formats geared toward helping our students find balance in their body and mind. Supporting fish, upward-facing dogs, and rabbit poses can be a regular part of your practice when you attend classes at our studio. Experiencing hormonal imbalance is not an issue any more! Learn more about our studio and sign up for classes with us today. 

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