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Stay Healthy in Body and Mind: Yoga With a Community Matters

January 26, 2020

Yoga with a community

You walk into the studio, and it’s warm. Eighty-five degrees with controlled humidity feels amazing compared to the chilly winter weather. Maybe you go to your usual spot, or perhaps today’s the day you step outside your comfort zone and choose to lay your mat in a different space. You grab your blocks, lay down, close your eyes. There’s calm music playing. This is often the highlight of your day. 

This scenario probably sounds familiar if you’ve ever taken class in one of our studios. Before your practice even begins, there’s something magical about stepping into a public space and joining a community of people who are all seeking something similar: well being

If you’ve ever used a yoga video to practice at home, the experience was likely quite different: not the right temperature, the teacher can’t adjust you, you may not have the props you need, and there’s no one to help regulate your energy. It’s simply not the same. And you’re not alone in that sentiment. A recent study done by Mindbody reported that individuals who exercise in group settings rate themselves as happier overall than those who exercise solo.

That feeling you get when you walk into the studio is a common one. Practicing yoga with a community has greater benefits than practicing on your own. This is a pretty bold statement, but it’s based on a survey of over 20,000 Americans, from Gen Z through young Baby Boomers, who exercise anywhere from five or more times a week to less than once. 

The Mindbody report also found that: 

  • Americans who exercise in groups and classes rate themselves as more satisfied with their fitness levels than those who exercise alone.
  • Those who exercise with a community report themselves as being closer with friends and family than those who don’t.

Finding mindful movement in a community setting improves multiple dimensions of wellness. Whether you’re seeking to improve your physical, mental, or emotional health through practicing yoga, you’re more likely to experience progress and growth in a group or class setting than on your own. 

At Uptown Yoga, our class offerings and instructors are as diverse as our student population. We offer something for everyone, and encourage students in their introductory 30 days for $40 period to attend at least two classes a week so they have an opportunity to see what classes best fit their needs. Whether you’re brand new to yoga or have been practicing for years, you’ll feel the authentic community vibe of our studios as soon as you walk in the door. Experience the benefits of yoga with a community yourself. Come by any of our locations when you’re ready to start.

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