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Top 5 Yoga Meal Ideas

July 17, 2019

What you eat before you take action in your yoga classes may have a significant impact when you’re in the middle of your stretches. The difference can make you either have a blissed-out experience or feel like having a rock in your belly that weighs you down.

Top 5 Yoga Meals | Uptown Yoga Dallas
Top 5 Yoga Meals | Uptown Yoga Dallas

Here are the top 5 yoga meal ideas you should take before the session:

Banana and Almond Butter

An ideal combination before a sweaty session! The banana boasts plenty of carbs and vitamin B, which will give you a boost of energy. Combined with almond butter that slows sugars from the banana into your bloodstream for more sustained energy.


It’s fast and easy to digest, also great if you are on the go! Smoothies is a favorite pre-workout meal that can be really tempting to put in all the wrong ingredients. To prevent this, choose 3-4 ingredients or less, making a simple formula ideal for your digestion process. Remember that you’re going to be engaging in some physical activities shortly after!

Green Juice

A juice made from freshly pressed greens including green apples and orange is definitely a good idea to make you feel light and boast you for a hit of energy! Even though green juices don’t contain a lot of energy, they do contain vital nutrients such as chlorophyll to help elevate the rate which your cells receive oxygen and expel waste.

Sprouted Toast and Avocado

This snack is for you if you are looking for a heavier bite to prevent you from hunger pangs during class. This will digest slower than any of the mentioned snacks above, as the sprouted grain bread contains complex carbohydrate paired with the fats in the avocado. This will help you get through any of the stretches without a grumbly stomach if you tend to have a faster-paced metabolism.

No Food!

It’s the real way of yoga and is very traditional! It gives you more room in your abdominal cavity for deeper breathing and creates a deeper meditation after practice. If you are prone to blood to blood sugar imbalance issues, then this option may not be for you. But give it a go if you have stable blood sugar.

Healthy Meal | Uptown Yoga Dallas
Healthy Meal | Uptown Yoga Dallas

Here are the recommended meals you should take before a yoga class to help you prevent a crumbling belly while in a Vinyasa practice but also won’t weigh you down in between the stretches. Join classes in Uptown Yoga Dallas and participate in courses taught by professional teachers and find more yoga tips and trick!

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