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Top 5 Tips for Yoga Class

July 25, 2019

Top 5 Tips for Yoga Class – Yoga classes require the complete engagement of the mind, heart, and body. It consists of high concentration, breathing, bending and twisting. It’s no wonder that mistakes happen while performing these moves even for experienced yogis alike. Some of these mistakes might make you feel uncomfortable and can actually compromise your safety, which results in holding back your progression. Luckily most of these mistakes are easy to correct, so you don’t need to worry!

These are the 5 common mistakes for yoga class you should look out for and small tips on how to fix them:

Arrive Early on Yoga Class


Yoga Mistakes 1 | Uptown Yoga | Tips for Yoga Class
Arrive Early on Yoga Class | Uptown Yoga

It’s always a good idea to show up 5-15 minutes early as it shows respect to your teacher and fellow students and gives you time to bond with your community before the session begins. If you do arrive late, be sure to enter the classroom and choose a spot close to the door.

Leave Your Phone


Yoga Mistakes 2 | Uptown Yoga | Tips for Yoga Class
Leave Your Phone | Uptown Yoga

Practicing yoga needs deep concentration, and our smartphones can be a massive source of distraction. Its recommended that you leave your phone in the car, but be sure to turn the ringer off or turn the phone off entirely to prevent a distraction for the whole class session.

 Don’t Compare yourself with Others


Yoga Mistakes 3 | Uptown Yoga | Tips for Yoga Class
Don’t Compare Yourself with Other | Uptown Yoga

Remind yourself that we are born with different bodies and we are all at different levels when it comes to yoga. Therefore, don’t compare yourself to the person next to you in class, as it will do more harm than good, and is not what the goal of yoga is.

 Don’t Focus Too Much on Perfection


Yoga Mistakes 4 | Uptown Yoga | Tips for Yoga Class
Don’t Focus Too Much on Perfection | Uptown Yoga

It’s always great to do your best and try to achieve the right alignment in each pose. But if you push yourself too much to achieve perfection, you might end up injuring yourself.

Practice Consistently


Yoga Class Practice | Uptown Yoga | Tips for Yoga Class
Practice Consistently | Uptown Yoga

We all have a busy life that prevents our yoga practices. Always try to make time at least twice a week to make progress in your yoga practice. Make your practices shorter to be more efficient for other schedules.

Here are the 5 common mistakes that happen while in yoga class. Don’t worry as mistakes are part of learning and it thrives you forward. Join classes in Uptown Yoga Dallas and participate in courses taught by professional teachers that will turn you into a yogis expert in no time.

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