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I Tried Yoga…..Once

February 26, 2019

As a yoga teacher, I hear this one a lot. I’m on a plane or eating in a cafe and a friendly person next to me strikes up a conversation. Inevitably, the question comes up, “What do you do?”  When telling someone I am a yoga teacher in Dallas, I get many common responses. Most of them you would think I just told them I am a medical doctor or therapist. “Can yoga help with back pain?”  (By the way, the answer is usually, yes. But please see your doctor first.) Another common response is, “ I’ve tried yoga….. once”.

Yoga is good for everyone.. | Uptown Yoga
Yoga is good for everyone.. | Uptown Yoga

By now, most everyone has heard that is yoga is good for them. They know they should try it. The part they may not have heard, is that they may not love their first class…or their second or their third. The main reason is that we decide with our head what we like, rather than listening to our body. (by the way, yoga can help with that.)

So what should you consider when finding the right yoga class in Dallas for you?

The Yoga Studio

Environment can place a huge role in the enjoyment of the class. Some like a peaceful, quiet space; some enjoy a lively, talkative community before class. At Uptown Yoga, we give you the best of both, offering a lobby area for getting to know your fellow yogis and a quiet space inside the studio to relax and unwind.

The Yoga Class style

There are many types of classes from aerobic to roll around on the floor, nap time yoga. Gaiam has a great list of many common styles here. Before signing up a class, read the description. If you are coming in for a physical challenge, your mind might tell you that the deep stretch class is not for you. Keep trying new classes to see what fits with your current state of mind and desires. At Uptown Yoga, we have a variety of classes from vinyasa flow (moving smoothly from one pose to the next) to Deep Stretch/Yin classes (holding postures for longer periods of time) to give you a balanced practice.

The Yoga Teacher

Within yoga there is a relationship between student and teacher. As with any relationship, you might need to try a few before finding who connects with you. There is a consistency in the content and energy of each class at Uptown Yoga. Each teacher will bring their own experience and personality into it. Try a variety of teachers and styles to find the ones that will make you want to come back again and again. At Uptown Yoga, our teachers range in background, age and expertise. You’re sure to find one that speaks to you.


Try your first yoga class in Dallas | Uptown Yoga
Try your first yoga class in Dallas | Uptown Yoga

I was lucky. The first yoga class I walked into matched the type of crazy I was trying to heal at the time. Had I walked into the class I currently teach, I would have probably never have come back. The key is to find what works for you now. All styes of yoga have their own benefits. If we  can quiet down the judgments of the mind and listen to our body we can recognize them. (and yes, yoga can help with that.)


Jennifer Chitwood is the owner of Uptown Yoga in Dallas. She currently lives in Zanzibar, Tanzania. Her love for creating beautiful experiences in the yoga room has expanded to further parts of the world.

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