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The Experience of Traveling to Bali with Uptown Yoga

October 24, 2019

Uptown Yoga Bali Retreats make traveling to Bali easy. We have spent years traveling around the island, checking out the most beautiful places to visit, best places to stay and eat and connecting with true, authentic cultural experiences to share so that you don’t have to waste one moment of your vacation trying to figure it out. The island is truly magical. There are multiple opportunities throughout the year to join us. Visit our retreat page to see which one fits your schedule and see our tips below to help you with the little bit of planning needed on your end. Once you arrive, we will handle everything for you. Just relax and let go.

Airplane Tickets

What flight should I book?

Look for flights arriving before or on our retreat start date. American Airlines and Korean Air are popular choices for price and flight duration.  Arriving earlier in the day will leave some time to explore the area on your own and settle in before our excursions. Each retreat starts with an arrival day that includes a free afternoon, followed by a welcome dinner at 7:00 pm. This will be our first official gathering. Some retreaters choose to arrive a day earlier to sleep off some jet lag and get a little extra time in. We will arrange all of the necessary transfers and extra hotel nights, should you choose to arrive sooner.

Flights out should be on or after the last day of the retreat. Afternoon flights are more favorable, as it will leave time to get the airport without a rushed morning check out. If you have the luxury of staying in Bali longer than the retreat, Jen can help with ideas of where to go and what to do.

Do I need a Visa?

Visas are given upon arrival for no charge.

Do I need vaccinations?

There are no required vaccinations for Bali, but Hep A/B and Tetanus are always good to be current on for any travels. Check with cdc.org for other recommended and make a personal decision on what you feel comfortable with.

What about local currency?

Money exchange and ATM’s can be found all around Bali. Typically, you will get a better exchange rate outside of the airport and with larger notes.

Pack USD (100’s – 2006 and above, no tears or marks) or alert your bank you will travel so you don’t have issues with ATM’s. These are limited to $150- $175 withdraws at one time, so consider the fees that your bank charges per transaction. Most things are covered in the retreat, but I would say have at least $300 on you for extras. Add more if you like to shop. Credit cards are widely accepted but they will charge a 3-5% fee. Best to get the cash you need before we start to get started on our trip.

For more on what to pack, see here.

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