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What to Pack for a Bali Yoga Retreat

October 24, 2019

Bali is a very kind and welcoming island. They have been living side by side with tourists for many decades and are very accommodating when tending to our Western needs. To be respectful of their culture and home, see below for what to bring (and what not to) when joining one of our Bali Yoga Retreats.


What do you wear in Bali?

Attire is very casual in Bali. It is tropical weather, so light is key. Light breezy sundresses or tanks and shorts are ok in the tourist area and at our villa. Pack (or buy) a sarong to cover up knees for temples and any ceremonies we find we can pop into. One t-shirt is handy, too. Hiking sandals that can go in the water such as Tevas or Keens are great for when we visit waterfalls.

Will there be laundry service?

Our villa has laundry service, so here’s your chance to pack light and leave room for those treasures that you are sure to find!  Very reasonable, only $3 a load.  Pro-tip- if you are a shopper, pack a duffle bag in your luggage you can use on the way back, just in case.

What else should I pack?

Sunblock and Insect Repellant

Try leaving as many chemicals behind as possible, not only for you but to help preserve the eco-system of the island, as well. Look for reef-safe sunblock, to protect the coral from harm. I personally don’t have issues with mosquitos in Bali, but if you do and natural bug deterrent is not enough, we have standard deet formulas available at the villa.

Water Bottle

Refillable water bottles are a must. We try to cut down on plastic waste as much as possible. High-quality bottles will be available for purchase or borrowing at the villa, as well. There are refilling stations with filtered throughout Bali and at all of our accommodations.

International Plug Converter

These are available to borrow at all of our accommodations, but if you have one, toss it in your bag.

Other amenities at the villa:

  • Wifi- yes, all rooms have Wifi
  • Yoga equipment: mats, blocks, straps
  • Filtered water
  • Hairdryers

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