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Choosing The Best Yoga Teacher Training in Dallas For You

August 9, 2019

Yoga is a life-changing practice and after you begin to teach and share with others, your practice has different meaning and will fulfill you in many new ways. Deciding on a yoga teacher training program that suits you the best can be challenging. This should include the type of yoga you are passionate about, the location of the training as well as the experience and competency of the trainers. Just as yoga styles and classes vary, so do courses and teachers.

Best Yoga Teacher Training in Dallas | Uptown Yoga

Here are some tips on choosing the best Yoga Teaching Training for you:

Your Interest in Yoga Teaching

Get to know yourself, your goals and what you expect to learn in the course of study! Not everyone participating in teacher training ends up a yoga instructor. Some people are gifted or just have a passion for teaching yoga, for others, participating in this training is about self-development and learning. There are plenty of yogis that enjoy teacher training not because their goal is to become an instructor, but because they wish to learn more about a specific style or lineage.

Interested in a Particular Yoga or Niche of Yoga?

If you’ve already decided to join a course of teacher training for a particular yoga style, then consider if the teacher training program reflects that style. For example, if your background is in Hatha, then a teacher program based in Ashtanga might not give you what you’re looking for.

Consider a Destination Teacher Training Program

Lots who embarked on a yoga teacher training course have done 200 hours of study or more while handling their daily responsibilities and full-time jobs. However, for some, seeking out space and separation from their daily lives is what they need to pursue their yoga teacher training.

Once you have made your decision, remember to approach the program with an open mind and an open heart. In the end, it’s not about the school or instructor you choose that makes the difference, but how you as a student behave and approach the teachings. Join Uptown Yoga in Dallas and Texas and we will help you get the ideal yoga teacher training course that suits best.

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