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Benefits of Sound Bath & Gong Meditation

August 12, 2019

Gong meditation is a unique sound practice involving vibrations and therapeutic gong sounds for healing. The practice consists of “gong baths” as participants meditate. There are therapeutic benefits of this practice that include awareness and appreciation of the present time. It is based on a belief that vibrations can change consciousness, as the healing waves flow through any blockages within our bodies and connect to our inner peace.

Benefits of Sound Bath & Gong Meditation | Uptown Yoga
Benefits of Sound Bath & Gong Meditation | Uptown Yoga

Benefits of Gong Meditation

It’s a therapy that’s been practiced for thousands of years! Gong baths help to reduce stress and produce a better flow for your emotions. Some tones are known to boost vitality and the natural healing of the body, along with enhancing your positive vibe. To cure certain ailments, there are a lot of clinics that use sound therapies, including gong meditation.

Participating in gong baths consists of lying on a meditation mat with additional blankets and pillows. Getting yourself into a comfortable position to relax, and getting lost in the soft tunes of the gong while closing your eyes. The instructor will gradually increase the volume of the gong, but never to an uncomfortable level, as the goal is sound healing.

Mindfulness Meditation

Some meditation techniques actually use sound as their main therapy, rather than the usual physical and breathing techniques. For that reason, the sound is not used as a therapy, but as a waypoint for the mind to come back to. To be mindful of different tones, you must first learn a good balance between relaxation and vigilance, just like a breathing meditation.

Adapted from ancient traditions, Uptown Yoga Dallas offers some remarkable sound journeys and practices known as “tune the soul”.  For some peace and relaxation, come and experience a Sound Bath and Gong Meditation event, and embrace calming meditation for yourself.

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