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Getting Back to Your Yoga Practice After a Break

February 16, 2024

We’ve all fallen off the wagon when it comes to our yoga practice. Even the most dedicated of our in-house instructors and the gurus we admire the most are likely to have had breaks in their yoga journey. Whether it’s because of an injury stopping you from practicing, family events getting in the way, or a house move disturbing every single one of your routines doesn’t really matter – what’s important is that you start again. Here are a few tips and tricks to get you back on your mat.  

No Judgment 

Now, you could spend your time analyzing why you stopped practicing regularly, but honestly, you’d be better off spending that time warming up for a few yoga poses. So, we won’t spend time in this blog ruminating over why you stopped and instead remind you why you should start again: 

  • Yoga improves your mobility and flexibility 
  • Yoga can help you build core strength 
  • Yoga and especially breathing exercises can help you manage stress and anxiety 
  • Yoga can improve your awareness and concentration, and even your sleep quality 

So, what does it take to get back to your routine? Nothing more than a few minutes of your time, access to your mat, and a little inspiration.  


Find Your Inspiration 

Try to remember what first inspired you to start yoga. Perhaps it was something as simple as a picture of someone on Instagram? Depending on the pose in your picture, you may not be able to attempt it immediately, but it can become something that you aspire to.  

Research poses that let you work toward your goal, and if you’re unsure consider booking a class with one of our experienced instructors. They’re more than happy to help you find your way back onto your mat.  

If your inspiration came from a specific instructor or guru, look them up and see if you can find inspiration in what they’re doing now. Perhaps you can connect to them, in person or remotely, to reignite your passion for yoga.  


Minimize Excuses 

We all have our lazy moments where we choose to stay in bed just a little longer rather than getting on our yoga mats. Think about your mornings and identify potential snags. What’s stopping you from completing a handful of sun salutations in your pajamas? There are no rules about how you dress as long as you’re comfortable during your practice.  

Try placing your yoga mat right next to your bed, putting it even closer than your phone. This makes it more likely that you start the day by practicing rather than distracting yourself with other tasks. Even if you didn’t practice in the morning, the day isn’t a lost day. Any time of the day is better for your practice than not practicing at all. If you suddenly have 15 minutes on your hands, practice a few poses and notice how you feel afterward.  

Perhaps you’re traveling without access to your yoga mat? Granted, that will limit your practice, but you could start looking for alternatives. Many hotels offer small workout areas, and even though there may not be a yoga studio, you will likely find enough space and a mat. If that seems too public, you may be able to use the carpet in your room. If that seems less than appealing, why not give chair yoga a chance? All of those variations are better than not practicing.  

Minimize Excuses

Accommodate Limited Movements 

If you’re returning to yoga after an injury, don’t expect to start exactly where you left off. Injuries may leave you with a limited range of movement, at least for some time. Just like you did when you started practicing yoga for the first time, you may need to work toward challenging poses. Don’t forget to use your props if you have them to hand! 

Get comfortable within your existing range before starting to push your boundaries gradually. Remember, you don’t have to do this alone. Our instructors are happy to help you during any class, and many are happy to arrange private yoga classes, too.  

Return to yoga gradually and don’t push too hard too soon to avoid re-injuring yourself.  

Celebrate The Small Wins 

Stop comparing your journey to others. Did you practice for ten minutes this morning? Celebrate that by spending a minute or two being grateful for it.  

Choose your favorite asanas and approach them playfully. As you’re returning to a routine, you may not be able to hold poses for as long as you used to. You may not initially manage to return to the same expressions of the poses you used to find easy. Rather than judging yourself and becoming disheartened, note where you are today and work from there.  

It’s unrealistic to go from not practicing to practicing every single day. Aim for two or three sessions every week and consider making one of those a class. It’s not as easy to cancel a class as it is to decide to make coffee rather than roll out your yoga mat.  


Need A Little More Support?  

Remember that our classes are open to everyone. Even if you attend one class every week and don’t practice outside of that, you are continuing your yoga journey. Add one more session per week, and you’ve just doubled your practice. That’s a great achievement compared to not practicing at all.  

If you need more ideas, inspiration, or support with your specific situation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. We’d love to see you back on the mat.  

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