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Tips Before Your First Yoga Class

May 30, 2019

Thinking of joining your first yoga class? You’re not alone. Yoga’s popularity continues to grow with more and more adults signing up for their first yoga class.

If you’re new to yoga, you might have a lot of questions regarding this exercise. What kind of clothes should I wear? What do I have to bring to class? Am I flexible enough?

To make you feel confident and comfortable in your first yoga class, make sure you’re prepared. Here are some tips on what you should know before you join your first yoga class.


First Yoga Class Tips | Uptown Yoga
First Yoga Class Tips | Uptown Yoga


1. Don’t worry if you think you’re not flexible enough

You probably weren’t strong enough to lift the heaviest weight at the gym the first time, either.  Just like strength, flexibility builds up over time. You don’t need to be able to touch your toes to do yoga. You do yoga so that you can. Anyone can step onto a yoga mat without any prior experience. As long as you have an open mind and are willing to learn, you will do just fine. 

2. Your yoga instructor will help you with different poses

Since you’re new to yoga, you might need some help getting into the poses. Our instructors will help you get in and out of them safely. We use a combination of verbal cues, demonstration, and hands-on assistance. We build the poses from the foundation and then add challenges. If you are not ready to add on to the pose, you’ll stay with the steps instructed before.

3. Wear Comfortable Yoga Attire

Depending on the class you choose, you will either move a lot or need to hold poses for several minutes. As you learn these new poses and movements, it’s best to wear comfortable and breathable clothing to support your body.

Choose snug, but stretchy, clothing. Leggings and lightweight tank tops are a good choice for ladies. Long shorts or very lightweight pants and a T-shirt or tank top for men. There are many brands of sweat-wicking exercise wear if you are ready for the investment. You don’t have to overthink it before your first class, though. You’ll find out what works best for you over time.

4. Bring a towel and a bottle of water

Whatever your first yoga class is, chances are you will sweat. Consider bringing a towel to wipe your sweat off. To keep yourself hydrated through class, bring bottled water. Your yoga instructor might tell you to drink during specific breaks, but feel free to drink your water at any time.

Our yoga studio provides free yoga mats. But if you’re not fond of sharing a mat that’s been used by others, feel free to bring your own.

5. Avoid eating heavy food before class

Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach. If it’s been a while since you ate, you may want something easily digestible an hour before class to keep you from getting dizzy. Try some yogurt, fruit, or a smoothie to help give you enough energy to get through without filling your belly. Undigested food can feel uncomfortable during twists and forward folds.

Sign up for your first yoga class with Uptown Yoga here. When you arrive at our studio, let us know if you signed up online.

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