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The Magic of In-Person With the Best Yoga Teacher Training

October 13, 2022

As a yoga studio, the power of being in a relationship with people is the heart of how our business gets built and how our community grows over the long term. The magic of what we do as certified yoga teachers is getting to know people, building relationships with them, and watching them grow. The very source of this energy starts as seeds planted through the Yoga Teacher program.

Yoga teacher training with Uptown Yoga

The global pandemic was a disruption of lives in so many ways

It was also a systematic dismantling of many communities. On the brighter side, though, the sudden necessity of online learning made programs and trainings that were once out of reach become immediately accessible. At Uptown Yoga Dallas, we were forced to push some of our trainings to the online platform.

The online training arena does suffice for many forms of skill training. However, as the lead instructor of our studio’s yoga teacher training, I am so grateful that we have circled back around to having our trainings fully live and in-person trainings. I do believe that there are aspects of in-person trainings that just can’t be replicated online

The 200-hour certified yoga teacher training, in particular, is such a fundamentally transformative experience

The inner transformation of trainees in this foundational training is such an incredible experience to go through and witness. As an instructor present to the challenges and the changes taking shape each week, I bear witness and hold spaces for the shifts and breakthroughs, and help trainees uniquely stand in their power. As their teacher, I get to know them; and through witnessing of their strengths and blind spots, help them to become a viable and effective teacher.

The foundations of the training itself are also really important and integral to how a trainee will be a yoga teacher. A lot of what we teach is just being present to what is right in front of you – which is really challenging to translate in the Online Yoga Classes.

We offer a very structured group experience so that the peer group becomes both a sympathetic sounding board and a solid support system for each other. This connection is important as they begin to practice teaching. Trainees learn to hold space for each other, becoming more empowered individually and as a group of future teachers.

The other aspect of this group yoga teaching training experience is “water cooler time”.

This is the non-structured time when trainees hang out together, each lunch together, walk to the coffee shop together, and make personal bonds. The group bond grows strong, and there is a significant feeling of connection which develops into a community and even lifelong friendships

The engagement with their peer group and how connected teacher trainees feel is important. This is how they begin developing a community. The energy of connection from in-person training, I believe, is so much more potent. This is the magic power of being in a relationship with people, sprouted from the seeds of yoga teacher training, that grows the future hearts of yoga businesses



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