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Retreat Life: Q & A With Past Bali Retreaters

February 9, 2020

We’re often asked what to expect at our retreats in Bali. The short answer? You can expect to experience mindful daily yoga and meditation, fresh healthy food, lush accommodations, and unique, fun experiences. While in Bali you’ll have a chance to explore natural wonders and dive into the local culture. But the experience of each person on our retreats is unique. 

Lake Beratan Bali

We interviewed past Bali retreaters to hear their perspectives. Chloe and Michelle attended our retreat in June 2019, and Cindi and Jessica attended in April 2019. 


Q: What was your most memorable experience in Bali?


Chloe: My most memorable moment was seeing the Sekumpul Waterfall with the girls. It was quite the trek but it was absolutely breathtaking. 

Michelle: My most memorable experience in Bali was the revelation that this life can truly be peaceful and joyous when you release all that does not serve your purpose.

Cindi: Our water temple experience was probably the most memorable. Jen arranged for my husband and I to have our own experience, so we went to an entirely different water temple than the rest of the group. It was unique and wonderful.

Jessica: It is hard to decide on just one thing. I found the water purification ceremony and meeting with the shaman to be very memorable and impactful for me. I also loved waking up early and watching the sunrise while listening to music and journaling. The staff and every Balinese person we met were so welcoming and wanting to share their experiences, beliefs, way of life… it felt like I really got to be a part of the culture as it truly is. Jen did a wonderful job of selecting a wide range of activities to see and experience the culture, which for me really facilitated some deep diving and connection within. We did so much, from seeing the rice paddies, to chasing waterfalls, spiritual ceremonies, snorkelling, shopping at the local market, exploring both the city and the country, seeing monkeys and temples, and going to the soup man! Pretty life changing, if you ask me. 


Q: Was there anything that surprised or delighted you about the retreat?


Chloe: I was really surprised by the way I connected with the other girls on the retreat. It seems like everyone got something different from the retreat whether they intended to or not. It was amazing seeing everyone open themselves up and grow during the retreat. 

Michelle: I was delighted that there was a nice balance between activities and relaxation. It was an overall beautifully paced trip and itinerary.

Cindi: Absolutely everything was both a surprise and a delight! The whole atmosphere and setting delighted me. The accommodations were wonderful and the people were so friendly. The breadth of things to do was surprising and delightful, from scuba diving to massages to hiking to shopping, etc. I had a silly food request, no onions or garlic because they sadly upset my tummy, and Jen and the staff not only took care of that, but made me feel special and not left out of any of the wonderful food experiences!

Jessica: Everything was a delight! I was honestly surprised by how the Balinese people embraced us and how much they listened and wanted to connect with us, hear us, and show us their way of living.


Q: Any advice for future retreaters?


Chloe: Go in with an open mind and heart and leave your worries at home! Let the retreat heal you and let others in so you can enjoy the journey together.

Michelle: Release any expectations and just be present and enjoy each moment. 

Cindi: Relax and be open-minded to the entire experience. Ask for what you want or need, because everyone really does want to make your experience wonderful. Try a lot of new things, but balance it with just relaxing.

Jessica: Go! Go on this trip. Additional advice: I packed for all two weeks in a carry-on. It’s easy living, no makeup, casual. Bring a journal, just show up and be open to learning about this culture and yourself through all you will experience. You won’t regret it.


Ready to make the journey to Bali?

Whatever you’re seeking, there is something for everyone at our 2020 retreats in Bali. Reach out to [email protected] with any questions, or register now.

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