Our team of teachers, at Uptown, are dedicated to the practice and study of yoga, both on and off the mat. Though the energy and knowledge they bring varies, they are tied by the deep level of care they give to our students.

Jennifer Chitwood
Alexandra Grimm
Alicia Smith
Chelsey Charbeneau
Eppie Szczesny
Jacqueline Grubb
Janie Montague
Jayme Bushmiaer
Jennifer Carrera
Jennifer Usherr
Jessica East
Joseph Stingley
Katherine Monigal
Katie Weissman
Kiki Lenihan
Kristin Goss
Krystle Sangillo
Laura Beth
Leo Leavell
Lisa Coyle
Lisa Reynolds
Marco Delossantos
Matt Sanderson
Meg Li
Melissa Bass
Micaiah Galpin
Naomi Schiller
Natalie Hocott
Sean Beiersdorfer
Stefanie Tovar
Stella Shih
Tara Paulsen


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