Jen Chitwood

I credit my yoga path to the persistence of a friend that I now, and will always, hold dear to my heart. Thank you, Nelinda. In 2002, Nelinda introduced me to my first yoga class. I considered myself fairly athletic, but was amazed by the challenges I faced in that hour. I struggled to get through the standing series and by the time we hit the floor I felt as if I had been wrung out completely physically, mentally, and emotionally. I was eager to come back the next day, and the next, and the next. By day 4 into my practice I realized that the focus of my workout had morphed from being about how many calories I burned, what muscles I was working, into something much deeper. The world around me became easier; my child was better behaved, people I met seemed nicer, and small things that used to bother me, didn’t. By getting rid of stress (that I didn’t realize I even had) my life started to change. I quickly dove into a 6 day a week practice, sometimes attending 2 classes a day. In 2003, I became certified to teach by completing a 500 hour teacher training course. Teaching then became my full time job and my life’s passion.

After a 6 month life-changing stay in Thailand, I returned to the States in 2007 looking for a new studio to call home. I found Uptown Yoga. There was something special about
the space: just walking in the doors made me feel at peace. At the time, the studio was a bit unkempt, the classes were small, and the overall energy was running low, but it had an undeniable pulse waiting to be revived.

In the spring of 2008, the studio would get just that: I became owner and poured my heart into bringing it back to life. I brought in teachers that share the same energy and passion for teaching as I do (and, oddly enough, they also all had a history with the space in one way or another). Together we laid the ground work for what the studio has become today, a beautiful community where everyone can feel comfortable exploring (or beginning) their yoga practice.

Yoga has helped me through some tough times and brought me to where I am today; a place of complete love and gratitude. I am thankful to have been brought to Uptown, and to
be surrounded by amazing teachers and wonderful students.