Class Descriptions

All Level Vinyasa Flow:

Open to all levels from beginners to the most advanced. This multi-leveled class is based on an invigorating and energizing vinyasa flow that you take to your personal level. Instruction for all levels will be provided including modifications for advancement or taking it easy. Join us for a class that is all about you and where you need to go today.

Advanced Vinyasa Flow:

Energizing, vigorous flow class. Advanced postures will be introduced including more arm balances, inversions, and standing balances. All levels are welcome but a basic understanding of yoga postures and sun salutations is recommended. This class will promote strength, endurance, and flexibilty.

Level 2/3:

75 minute fun-filled class dedicated to exploring the link between the physical and energetic body using sophisticated arm balances, inversions, backbends, pranyama, meditation, and great music. While practitioners should be comfortable with surya namaskar and basic standing postures, detailed instruction is given.

Strictly Core:

Class is suitable for beginners as well as advanced practitioners. Class is designed to create stability and strength throughout the entire core using modified yoga and pilates moves and isometric training and to give you knowledge to improve your yoga practice. Focuses on (and firms!) hips, glutes, shoulders, and abs.

Beginner’s Class:

A slower paced vinyasa flow class that goes into more instructional detail for common yoga poses.

Prenatal Yoga:

This course is designed to assist moms-to-be to continue a safe, strengthening, and contemplative asana practice during their body’s transitioning through pregnancy to child bearing. Pranayama techniques to increase energy and equanimity will be included.  This is a time set aside for yogi moms to explore inwardly and share outwardly with others for support and nurturing exchange.